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Volunteer with us !

Little Urchins are always seeking out eager individuals or groups to help with the day to day workload. Jobs include, pen maintenance such as poo pick up, raking and weeding, laundry, cleaning and replenishing feed and water areas and assistance with injured wildlife.


Can you help out at our Reedy Creek shelter? Join the volunteer team.


Be 18 years or older - The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning require all wildlife volunteers to be over the age of 18 for safety and legal reasons.

Be physically well - Work load is high! we don't expect athletes, however please be aware lots of walking, light lifting and bending will be required. We encourage you to take your time and take breaks as needed.

Lastly, we require all volunteers to adhere to policies and procedures in place for your safety and the safety of the animals in care.

If you would like to assist in other non-physical roles such as fundraising for essential items, donating items or helping us find other volunteers please feel welcome to contact us. 

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